“Candor, Perseverence, Fairness – Excellent Work”
Peter F. Axelrod, Esquire
Council, Baradel, Kosmerl & Nolan, P.A.

“Judge Platt was outstanding in a wrongful death/med mal case. Hospital wanted to settle but individual Dr. refused, despite recommendation of defense counsel and med mutual. Judge Platt worked it hard for most of the day and it settled.”
Michael V. Nakamura, Esquire
Attorney in Montgomery County, MD

“Capable, Neutral, Professional” – “All parties had confidence in his evaluation skills”
Michael Baxter, Esquire

“Judge Platt is that rare person who, notwithstanding the fact that he is one of the brightest folks around, can convey information effectively to almost anyone. He has that wonderful gift in a negotiator in being able to tell someone to go to hell and have them look forward to the journey.
Alvin I. Frederick, Esquire
Attorney in Hanover, MD

“Judge Platt has great skill as a mediator and manages client expectations well.”
John E. McConn, Esquire
Miles & Stockbridge, P.C.

“I know Judge Platt very well and have mediated with him on substantial cases. You cannot find any one any better than Judge Platt as a mediator and should not hesitate to use him. He is intelligent, very knowledgeable about the law, fair, great to be around and will work hard to obtain an equitable resolution.”
Robert Michael, Esquire
Attorney in Rockville, MD

“Judge Platt is persistent and he gets tough cases settled. I have suggested Judge Platt to opposing counsel for mediation and I am about to retain him again.”
“I am an experienced mediator myself. I can state without qualification that Judge Platt is first rate.”
“Costs were fair and within range I’d expect”
“This was a very complicated, multi-party case. The settlement was fair and reasonable.”
Douglas Furlong, Esquire
Rosenberge, Martin, Greenberg, LLP

“Persistence, Determination, Fairness to all parties” – “Saved plaintiff significant litigation expenses”
William T. Wood, Esquire
Wood Law Offices

“Judge Platt helped me resolve a serious injury case yesterday involving a slip and fall on ice. The case ultimately settled for just over a million dollars. Judge Platt was well prepared, insightful and did an excellent job getting the case settled. My client was very impressed with Judge Platt and she trusted his recommendations based on his many years on the bench and in private practice. I would put Judge Platt’s abilities right up there with Judge Chasanow. Further he is usually available within a month period.”
Robert L. Weinberg, Esquire
Attorney in Baltimore, MD

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