We are a group of experienced and respected retired appellate and trial court judges, attorney adjudicators, a nationally renown and respected neuro-psychologist and sophisticated community mediators with backgrounds as elected and appointed officials who have mediated federal, state, local and community disputes. We offer experience and expertise in specific practice areas as well as advanced skill-based training in the mediation, arbitration, neutral case evaluation, and case management of both simple and complex litigation. All of our neutrals continue to educate themselves in both their specialized practice areas and in dispute resolution skill development.

You should choose us because The Platt Group provides dispute resolution services tailored to your specific dispute. We are highly trained, thoroughly experienced neutrals who are knowledgeable in the law governing your dispute and have experience in adjudicating, litigating, mediating, arbitrating and evaluating cases with similar issues to those in your case.   We recognize that most disputes have a legal, economic and social / psychological component, and that sometimes they cannot be separated. Each must therefore be addressed in the conflict resolution process. The Neutral in The Platt Group who will work with you, your counsel and the other parties to resolve your dispute will be selected by you based on his or her background and experience which is available on this website and in written materials through our offices. If you desire assistance in selecting a neutral, a panel or team of neutrals, our trained administrator, or upon request our founding member, Judge Steven I. Platt (Ret.) will provide additional information and assistance in selecting the right neutral for your case. Our neutrals present a broad range of backgrounds, education, and experience. We will meet your dispute resolution needs fairly, efficiently and economically.

The Platt Group is different because its neutrals are selected by you with our assistance if requested based on the neutrals knowledge, background and experience in adjudicating, resolving and evaluating cases with issues similar to those presented by your case or controversy.  The panel of neutrals available through The Platt Group includes retired judges and highly trained and experienced practitioners in many different areas.  These include professional liability, business conflict and litigation including, simple and complex tort and contract disputes, regulatory practice, appeals from administrative agencies (federal, state and local), intellectual property, real estate, land use and family law.

The Platt Group also uniquely offers in certain cases at competitive prices co-mediators or panel of 3 arbitrators where the parties and counsel recognize the need for expertise in multiple disciplines.  We also work directly with forensic accountants and other professionals with whom we can consult if business or property valuations are needed to efficiently mediate and economically arbitrate a case as a part of a unified rapid and reliable dispute resolution process.  We also uniquely offer a mediation or neutral case evaluation by co-mediators or evaluators made up of a retired judge and a PHD neuro-psychologist in family law cases or experts in related disciplines in other cases.

The Platt Group boasts a Distinguished Panel of Neutrals who are each experienced retired Judges, lawyers, distinguished professionals and/or past elected and appointed officials providing services including Settlement Conferencing , Mediation, Arbitration, Neutral Case Evaluation, Public Policy Facilitation, Dispute Resolution System Design , as well as Discovery Mediation and / or Arbitration / Special Master.

“Judge Platt has great skill as a mediator and manages client expectations well.”

John E. McConn, Esquire – Miles & Stockbridge, P.C.

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