Our Professional rates range between $300-$500 per hour. There are no filing fees, administrative fees, or cancellation fees. You pay only for the time expended by our Neutrals.  The Platt Group, Inc. through its founding and managing member, Judge Steven I. Platt will provide an individual and collective professional rate for specially selected co-mediators or 3 member Arbitration Panels based on the experience and expertise of the panel of arbitrators or co-mediators.  This is particularly helpful in Family Law Cases where our nationally renown and respected Neuropsychologist Dr. James Lewis teams with a retired Judge or Attorney Adjudicator chosen by the parties and their counsel.

The Platt Group has also pioneered the use of a “Neutral Expert” to assist its retired judges and attorney adjudicators in the mediation of construction disputes.  “Build Smart” in the persons of retired 30 year custom builder Andy Rosenthal and Interior Designer, Emily Rosenthal can upon request provide our Neutral expert consulting services to our Neutral, aiding in the resolution of complex construction disputes for a unified fee under the same fee structure as our neutral.

The professional rate applies to all of the professional’s time, for example, pre-process conference calls, review of submissions, the process itself and any post-process time including follow-up activities, deliberation and award preparation (arbitration), etc. Travel time is billed at one-half the professional rate, plus expenses.

Fees will be divided evenly among the parties unless otherwise agreed by the parties and communicated to The Platt Group Case Manager in advance of the proceedings. For parties represented by a lawyer, the law firm, as well as their lawyer, will be responsible for payment. A party is defined as a single client or any number of clients represented by a single law firm.

Payment may be made by check. After the ADR Services requested have been completed, an Invoice for ADR Services Rendered referencing the case or dispute will be delivered by mail to counsel for all parties or to the parties themselves if they are not represented by counsel for their proportionate share of the The Platt Group bill. Payment will be expected within 30 days unless otherwise agreed upon.

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