A collaborative process during which individuals, or groups of individuals with different views, meet to reach a consensus on governmental, civic or political problems or objectives.

The Facilitator initially focuses on the process of the meeting or negotiation to assist the parties in establishing and following a specific agenda for their discussion. The Facilitator then assists the parties in identifying the needs and interests underlying their respective positions so that common ground may be developed now or in the future.  The Platt Group has among its neutrals experienced Public Policy Facilitators including Mary Louise Preis, Esquire, a former member of the Maryland House of Delegates, Commissioner of Financial Regulation of Maryland, and a Citigroup Executive.  M’s Preis also was an Assistant Attorney General for the State of Maryland for six years. Mary Louise Preis has facilitated and developed consensus for public and corporate policies throughout her adult life.

The Platt Group also includes among its neutrals, Andrea Leahy-Fuchek, Esquire, a former Chief Counsel to the Governor of Maryland, which included responsibility for regulatory affairs.  She has facilitated public policy at all levels of government throughout her career as an Assistant U.S. Attorney, Counsel to the Governor and Assistant County Attorney.

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