iStock_000016230738XSmallThe Platt Group offers expert and practical dispute resolution design and management services provided by retired judges and experienced practitioners and technologists who understand the “flat world” within which large, medium size and small businesses must operate in today’s highly competitive economic environment. We also recognize that the legal culture and function has in many places not kept up with the rest of that world.

In the past litigation risk and reality has been primarily a US phenomenon and in many instances purely local. This obviously is changing rapidly. It is clear that source of exposure to the liability and/or economic injury as well as the focus, staffing and cost of protracted litigation resulting from it can come from anywhere in the world. Savvy companies will therefore acknowledge this reality and take a systematic and if their industry requires it a global approach to dispute resolution system, design, and management. This requires threshold consideration and management of cost and time as well as human and technological resource allocation.

The Platt Group’s external and internal dispute resolution design services are customized and economical based on the size, structure and resources of your company as well as the identity and number of your business partners, markets, employees and contractors. The design includes a written plan, which provides for Early Neutral Case ofr Dispute Resolution Evaluation and Resolution if appropriate as well as longer term Litigation Assessment and Management Services if required.

The service will be comprehensive and encompass both internal (employee grievances, contracts and disputes) as well as external disputes (with contractors, market share disputes, commercial and mass claims). The charge will be a flat fee to develop the dispute resolution system design and management based on information developed as a result of an initial plan for your company, 3 hour consultation always with the Founding Member of the Platt Group, Judge Steven I. Platt (Ret.). The charge for the 3 hour initial consultation will be a flat $1000. The charge for the development of a written Dispute Resolution System Design and Management Plan will range between $2500 and $10,000 depending on the identity, size, markets and activities of your company and will be negotiated with no obligation at your initial consultation with Platt Group Founding Member, Judge Steven I. Platt (Ret.)

The plan will incorporate a wide range of dispute prevention and resolution techniques including training of employees which will be designed to uniquely meet your company’s needs and to provide a sophisticated economical and efficient program which prevents and/or resolves both internal and external disputes before unnecessary transaction costs increase and perhaps distort their economic reality.

This service will be provided by experts in the design of dispute resolution systems which provide a single point of accountability while employing state of the art utilization of existing human and technological resources available to the company in the most economical and efficient manner possible.

The experts who will provide those services are as follows: Judge Steven I. Platt (Ret.)

Judge Platt is the Founding Member of the Platt Group Inc. His experience in the design of dispute prevention and resolution systems results from his over 25 years as a judge on three different courts, during which time he had administrative and management responsibility as Chief Judge of the Orphans Court, Administrative Judge of the District Court, and Coordinating Judge of the Civil (non-Family) Division of the Circuit Court including responsibility for 5 years for all complex civil (non-Family) litigation.

Judge Platt is the acknowledge architect of the Maryland Business & Technology Case Management Program. He was the Vice-Chair of the legislatively established Commission which recommended it and managed its operations for the first 5 years of its operation.

Judge Platt has successfully moderated and resolved many complex business disputes including disputes arising out of employment contracts, market share disputes, contract issues and business torts.

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