iStock_000016137212XSmallThe Platt Group offers efficient and economical administration of class action and other complex litigation settlements by experienced neutrals. We have developed and administered such plans on multiple occasions.

There is no charge for a “Proposal” to administer the settlement of a class action or complex case which will be prepared by the Founding Member, Judge Steven I. Platt (Ret.) and the Chief Financial Officer, Jason B. Platt of The Platt Group, Inc.

Judge Platt’s experience as a Maryland Circuit Court Judge included presiding over numerous class action cases filed in circuit courts all over the State of Maryland consolidated in front of him on multiple occasions. His decisions were always affirmed and his administrative skills noted in media coverage of those cases. Judge Platt also had management responsibility for all civil (non-family) litigation in the Circuit Court for the last five years of his tenure as a full-time judge.

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