Susan Ross, CPC ACC is an international negotiator, mediator, conflict coach, entrepreneur & philanthropist. She is a member of The Platt Group as a mediator & conflict coach. Susan builds trusted partnerships with parties to help create highly effective and collaborative resolutions.

Susan has 15+ years of negotiation, coaching, teaching and mediation experience, and in various industries: Legal Services, Financial Services, Family Services, Nonprofits, Medical Services, Construction and Higher Education.

Having worked in Latin America, Africa, the Caribbean and North America, Susan has a global perspective of cross-cultural communication & awareness. Immersion in new cultures and languages has taught her the importance of tone and body language as well as how to communicate directly, diplomatically and effectively.

Susan is an ICF-accredited coach and a graduate of New York College of Health Coaching for Transformation. She is a Harvard Medical School Affiliate Institute of Coaching Fellow and Positive Neuroplasticity Professional. Susan holds a B.S. in Information Technology – Systems Analysis and Design from the University of Maryland Baltimore County where she graduated with honors. Susan is an experienced facilitator and speaker, thriving when leading groups of 100+ participants. She is a successful conflict resolution expert, having coached many executives and resolved numerous disputes.

Susan is a prolific advocate for alternative dispute resolution, as she has served in a mediation capacity both personally and professionally. She experienced a high conflict divorce that involved family and business mediations, litigation as well as criminal litigation.

As a mediator, Susan builds upon her wealth of knowledge and expertise in varying disciplines to create an opportunity to assess the dispute from all angles in order to reach a resolution. As an ICF-accredited coach, she can continue to provide ongoing support to avoid future conflict.

Susan uses her unique ability as a conflict coach to address the conflict in all stages: before, during and after it arises. She uses a comprehensive conflict coaching model to aid in this process in order to engage the clients in strategic perspectives before making decisions about “what to do” in the conflict. She instructs clients in identifying conflict styles and choosing the appropriate style for the dispute. Susan teaches clients how to negotiate effectively in a collaborative, competitive, or mixed motive situation and focuses on developing client’s awareness of other dispute resolution systems and processes to enhance their success.

Susan held a career as a Systems Analyst and Web Developer with Computer Sciences Corporation until pursuing entrepreneurship where she became the cofounder of a global metal recycling brokerage, grossing over $100m in the first 4 years.  She is also a commercial real estate investor and developer in Anne Arundel County.

In her spare time, she is a philanthropist. Susan has a heart for serving others and has organized numerous international outreach trips, allowing her and her three children to give back and pay it forward.